The Drums of Trudabaad

Blood on the water

Kryv demanded to know why Malas now looked like a hairy pile of orange sherbet.

We found out the entire history of Lightanium. The ore was discovered 247 years ago close to the surface near Hontuma – absorbs light from nearby light sources when refined. Arcanis from Skylonia are the ones able to refine it. We recalled that the coin we retrieved from the coin slot of the demon was Skylonian in origin.

Kryv recounted the location of the blade and we headed out. Kryv, distracted by Malas’s new racing stripes, forgot to tell him to close his eyes and he was teleported away in a whirl of alarmed snorting. Kryv opened his eyes and also teleported, ending up next to an agitated Malas, whom he failed to calm. Lumien sashayed through the curtain with his eyes wide open. He was faced with a shimmering mirror, in which he saw Kryv and Malas. He also spied a mirror in which he saw a version of himself that appeared to be very sickly and frail.

Aneira inspected the altar and placed her rocks in the imprint on the altar. Her mind became completely evacuated, and she gained a greater understanding of what Lumien’s life is like. Malas was again teleported and Kryv followed suit. Lumien kept his eyes open and ended up in the oubliette. Aneira attacked the altar (aka Lumien factory). This resulted in Lumien being teleported to the entryway of the chamber. He was shortly joined by Azkelak and Arammolis.

Kryv again failed to calm Malas and attempted to shield his eyes with his shield. This riled Malas tremendously and he reared up, knocked Kryv over, got teleported, charged through the entryway and demolished the double doors to the chamber. Kryv finally stumbled through the entryway and apologized to Malas.

[Each party member received 100XP for surviving the Chamber]

Azkelak checked his map and led us towards the where the sword should be. We went through some double doors. There were several broken down minotaur statues as if this was a storage depot. Near the far end of the chamber was a statue about to crack a whip which seemed to be aiming at the center of a ritual circle of blood on the floor. An odd sound was emanating from the other side of the wall and was receding. Azkelak lied that he didn’t know what the source of the noise was and he told the truth that it was bad and we should avoid it.

Kryv recognized that the carvings in the wall were in abyssal and depicted a group of six hooded figures and separately the symbol for Doom. Aneira noticed a marked lack of arcane energy in this room. In fact, she was unable to cast any magic. We went down the western hallway and reached a huge door of black onyx into which was carved the intimidating head of a scowling, disdainful minotaur.

Kar’Gesh opened it and a dusty gust of air greeted us, as if the door had not been opened in some time. The door opened into a huge room divided into two halves by a central walkway. Each side of the walkway was filled with blood. The ledge we were on was about five feet above the level of the blood. Two large, snarling minotaur statues armed with whips raised ready to strike faced each other across the central walkway on platforms on either side of the chamber. Two pedestals on opposite ends of the far side of the chamber held separately a hilt and dagger that appeared to match.

Azkelak became invisible and teleported. Kar’Gesh put on his water wings and stepped into the blood, which he found was around six feet deep and caused damage, ongoing poison damage and a penalty to defense against demonic attacks. A demon (Demon alpha) emerged from the blood and lustily pursued Kar’Gesh with a ravenous look on its face. The closer minotaur statue cracked its whip and damaged Arammolis, Kar’Gesh and Demon alpha. Lumien used his lancet of faith on Minotaur statue zulu. Arammolis became a furry of fangs and claws and ravaged Minotaur statue zulu with a fiery passion, causing the statue to crack. Kryv rode Malas into the blood pool and unleashed his swirly scimitar of death which split the statue in half, causing it to split in half, one half falling into the blood towards the central pathway and the other half falling back against the wall.



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