The Drums of Trudabaad

It's never Lupus

Azkelak took off his mask and disbelieved that Arammolis’s bastard sword was ‘the blade’… “I always thought it was smaller” which is what she said. Azkelak joined our party and we entered the hall with eyes wide closed. Lumien went straight for the first and last time. Lumien opened his eyes and stared at his feet. They were beautiful. He avoided being entranced by their spectacle. He stopped going straight. Darth Maul moved along the right wall. We continued in this fashion until Kar’Gesh ran into another curtain. He passed through it and nearly tripped over the corpse of Katal. There was a brass altar with a minotaur hand imprint and a bust was present but seemed somehow denuded. Kar’Gesh rooted around and found a section of loose stones. Kryv inspected the body of Katal and did a differential diagnosis. It wasn’t lupus. Also amongst the causes excepted are: exsanguination, sarcoidosis, and a broken heart. He was poisoned! IT WAS A MURDER!

Kar’Gesh found a tunnel and descended it through areas with stone walls and progressing through dirt before coming out into a dead end that again had stone walls. His initial search for secrets turned up empty and he leaned against a wall in frustration. His lean pushed back some stones and a slice of bronze frame was revealed behind them. Kar’Gesh attempted to open the wall. The loose stones within the bronze door frame gave way and the door was full of stars. Kar’Gesh attempted to do a Kool Aid man through the remains of the door, yelling “Oh Ye-thunk-PiiiiIIIIIISSSS!” as he rebounded from the wall. The rest of party reached the end of the tunnel. The stars were twinkling, some white and some green. Lumien trashed the rest of the makeshift door with his flail. Behind the door you see a platform leading to a 35 foot wide chasm. On the other side of the chasm is a wall extending at least 230 feet tall and 135 feet down. The wall is made of lightanium. The top of the wall is ringed in an intense light that should be illuminating us as in full daylight but it is barely reaching us. The phenomenon is alien to us. We found some handholds on our side of the wall leading downward. Kryv tied two ropes to himself and handed the rope to Kar’Gesh who began descending the wall, following the handholds. He felt the sensation of a metal implement brushing past his leg. Aneira prestidigitized Malas into cleanliness and then changed his fur to a bright orange hue. Malas grunted his excitement. The wall in front of Kar’Gesh disappeared and he found a chesty treasure trove guarded by three traps. He disabled and removed the traps handily like a pedophile with a training bra.

We ferried several bars up to the rest of the party. Kar’Gesh also found a flail of supreme serenity AKA a level 9 lullaby morningstar. As he removed the last bar, a weighted trap under the chest sprung and the entire chamber began the rumble. Kar’Gesh flew back up to the platform as the rest of the party backed away (except Lumien who skipped along the precipice whispering to his new flail.) The bars twinkle like the wall with both white and gold glittery bits. Aneira felt the surge of arcane energy and attempted to stuff Malas into the tunnel.



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