The Drums of Trudabaad

Prepare to barely not die

The party discussed ways to not die. Lumien jumped like a flaming fairy. Everyone jumped around, except the boar who slid face first into the waiting claws of Demon Beta. Sometimes Azkelak comes back, like now, but wearing a mask and hobbling like John Wayne. Arammolis conjured Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer to create a thunder zone over the ghost of Azkelak. A bunch of jumping, leaping, splashing, clawing and chomping ensued. Azkelak was no longer our home boy. In other words, we made an orderly backwards advance out of the room, Kryv tipping his helmet to the worthy adversaries.

We found ourselves again in the room of statues and muted magic. The noise from outside the wall of the chamber was continuing, sounding like stone rolling on stone. Kryv failed to have the common courtesy to close the door behind the party and the hallway was quickly infiltrated by the demons who soon retreated. Lumien saw Paldimar who beckoned him through the door from whence came the cacophony of grinding noise originated.



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