The Drums of Trudabaad

I wanna dip my Kobold in it

The combat continued furiously. Our enemies fell in myriad disgusting ways: eaten to a bare skeleton by locusts, evisceration by Kryv’s glowing scimitar, exploding in the style of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man (though we were showered in poisonous blood as his dirge.)

[300XP each for this encounter]

Aneira felt a change in the air of the magic-non-grata room. She saw a ghostly silhouette of a book floating above the blood circle. The manifestation of the book was an echo of a completed ritual. The silhouette appeared to be the double of our tome. We now had all four of the items we need: The book of wrath unveiled, the mask representing the face of Baphomet, the bell of fury’s calling and the blood horned blade.

We again followed Lumien’s insane compulsion to enter the chamber of glowing balls. There was a mixture of many different pools of blood, the most recent of which was 24-36 hours old. Arammolis became our eye in the sky. The party ran through the channel to the nearest hallway. While Kryv was in the groove a loud noise echoed throughout the hallway but it didn’t mean anything.

We opened a door into a room filled with pools glowing with red, yellow, blue and green liquid.

Kryv inspected the red pool which had a faint scent of metal and sweat. It was not blood. Arammolis inspected the blue pool which was not water, though it was similar. The yellow pool reminded Lumien of gold in smell and appearance. The green pool smelled of chlorophyl. There was also a ritual circle of blood in this room. The pattern of blood around this circle seemed to indicate a tempo that could form a melody.

Kar’Gesh tried each pool and found out the following information:
Green pool: resist five poison for one hour.
Blue pool: tastes like water.
Yellow pool: tastes strong like alcohol but goes down well.
Red pool: after drinking it he is nearly overcome with rage and feels stronger though reckless.

We came across a torture chamber full of skeletons ranging in age from very old and disintegrating to not-very-recent. We found some copper and another ritual circle. This circle was especially bloody as if it had been used as a sacrificial scene. The double doors near this ritual circle were nearly 20 feet tall and stylized as a large minotaur protector.

Kar’Gesh found the last ritual circle, nearby which there was an altar with two placeholders behind. They were bronze idols to Baphomet, each representing the visage of the comedy and tragedy.

Step away from the light

Lumien walked into the light and was thereby nearly blinded. A huge orb of luminescence was rolling down the hallway directly in front of Lumien, moving around 10 feet per second. Kryv grabbed Lumien and berated him thoroughly for his dereliction of duty in the face of danger. Lumien continuously whined like a little bitch and his fiery heart was not soothed with Kryv’s cool island song.

[300 XP each awarded for result of blood room encounter]

Lumien finally acquiesced to Aneira’s soothing mind meld and Lumien became limp, collapsing into Kryv’s welcoming armpit. Arammolis began to meditate. Aneira fired up her easy bake oven and began making potions. The remainder of the party collapsed in a heap. We amazingly completed our rest without incident.

We re-opened the blood chamber. It was full of assholes, even the ones we had previously killed. The blood pool was still tumultuous. Kar’Gesh whittled the sentinel statue down to a pile of dust. The demons descended upon us while Arammolis fished for and hooked a wild ghost of Azkelak and began reeling him in. Aneira valiantly rushed into battle, even provoking an opportunity attack in the process. Heartened by her own courage, she then brought forth the immolating flames of hell upon a huge swath of our enemies. Kar’Gesh turned into a blender of righteousness, slicing and punching with no regard for himself. Azkelak exploded in a shower of blood and the mask fell to the ground. This began a crimson shower of blood spouting everywhere leaving each party member splattered.

Kryv retrieved the mask. The party had a great run of thrashing their enemies leaving them all bloodied.

Prepare to barely not die

The party discussed ways to not die. Lumien jumped like a flaming fairy. Everyone jumped around, except the boar who slid face first into the waiting claws of Demon Beta. Sometimes Azkelak comes back, like now, but wearing a mask and hobbling like John Wayne. Arammolis conjured Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer to create a thunder zone over the ghost of Azkelak. A bunch of jumping, leaping, splashing, clawing and chomping ensued. Azkelak was no longer our home boy. In other words, we made an orderly backwards advance out of the room, Kryv tipping his helmet to the worthy adversaries.

We found ourselves again in the room of statues and muted magic. The noise from outside the wall of the chamber was continuing, sounding like stone rolling on stone. Kryv failed to have the common courtesy to close the door behind the party and the hallway was quickly infiltrated by the demons who soon retreated. Lumien saw Paldimar who beckoned him through the door from whence came the cacophony of grinding noise originated.

Prepare to die

Azkelak re-appeared in the blood! He jumped into the blood and crossed the central walkway. Kar’Gesh kobold-paddled to the central walkway. Demon Alpha pursued his chosen kobold mcnugget and struck him with its terrible claws. Lumien refused to get his tailored armor bloody.

Demon Beta appeared next to Azkelak and claws him rudely. Luckily, Minotaur Statue Yankee (MSY) smacked Demon Beta and it careened into the blood. Arammolis turned into an ornithopter and flew towards the hilt.

Demon Charlie appeared right next to Azkelak and gnawed off some of his neck. Malas and Kryv snorkled through the blood onto the central walkway. In response to Demon Charlie’s snack attack, Azkelak attempted to retrieve his neck from the belly of Demon Charlie with his short sword but failed.

Kar’Gesh nettled Demon Alpha directly in the face. Arammolis got swatted out of the air like a little fly by MSY. Lumien gracefully leapt through the air, firing an errant crossbow bolt sideways before landing on the platform of the erstwhile Minotaur Statue Zulu. Demon Beta ruthlessly killed Azkelak. Arammolis turned back into a human and flailed helplessly attempting to climb the five feet at the platform

Malas charged into the far pool of blood and gored Demon Charlie. Aneira turned Demon Alpha and Beta into meat popsicles and Lumien turned Minotaur Statue Yankee flaming. It responded by hitting everyone, knocking Kryv into the blood and generally turning everything into a bloodbath. Kryv was pretty pissed so he did his best Krull impression on MSY and it exploded into a thousand pieces! Malas fled but was knocked unconscious by Demon Beta, luckily he had made it onto the platform so as to avoid a sure death in Davy Jones’ Blood Locker. Lumien continued to not get his cloak bloody but did succeed in annoying Demon Alpha

Arammolis picked up the hilt of the blade, forgetting the Indiana Jones trick of replacing it with a similarly weighted object, receiving a puff of poison-scented perfume in his grill. Luckily it was his favorite scent and did not result in any damage.

Kar’Gesh also forgot the Indiana Jones trick and the entire chamber was electrified and a huge tidal wave of blood covered the entire party. Arammolis and Kar’Gesh were both tossed into the blood. Lumien was horrified at the state of his clothing. Engulfed in the indignation of being covered in blood, he leaped onto the central platform and healed Arammolis who responded by flying straight up out of the blood and flapping blood droplets all over the chamber.

We set up our own private Alamo on the central walkway, killing Demon Alpha before Demon Beta knocked Kar’Gesh unconscious.

Blood on the water

Kryv demanded to know why Malas now looked like a hairy pile of orange sherbet.

We found out the entire history of Lightanium. The ore was discovered 247 years ago close to the surface near Hontuma – absorbs light from nearby light sources when refined. Arcanis from Skylonia are the ones able to refine it. We recalled that the coin we retrieved from the coin slot of the demon was Skylonian in origin.

Kryv recounted the location of the blade and we headed out. Kryv, distracted by Malas’s new racing stripes, forgot to tell him to close his eyes and he was teleported away in a whirl of alarmed snorting. Kryv opened his eyes and also teleported, ending up next to an agitated Malas, whom he failed to calm. Lumien sashayed through the curtain with his eyes wide open. He was faced with a shimmering mirror, in which he saw Kryv and Malas. He also spied a mirror in which he saw a version of himself that appeared to be very sickly and frail.

Aneira inspected the altar and placed her rocks in the imprint on the altar. Her mind became completely evacuated, and she gained a greater understanding of what Lumien’s life is like. Malas was again teleported and Kryv followed suit. Lumien kept his eyes open and ended up in the oubliette. Aneira attacked the altar (aka Lumien factory). This resulted in Lumien being teleported to the entryway of the chamber. He was shortly joined by Azkelak and Arammolis.

Kryv again failed to calm Malas and attempted to shield his eyes with his shield. This riled Malas tremendously and he reared up, knocked Kryv over, got teleported, charged through the entryway and demolished the double doors to the chamber. Kryv finally stumbled through the entryway and apologized to Malas.

[Each party member received 100XP for surviving the Chamber]

Azkelak checked his map and led us towards the where the sword should be. We went through some double doors. There were several broken down minotaur statues as if this was a storage depot. Near the far end of the chamber was a statue about to crack a whip which seemed to be aiming at the center of a ritual circle of blood on the floor. An odd sound was emanating from the other side of the wall and was receding. Azkelak lied that he didn’t know what the source of the noise was and he told the truth that it was bad and we should avoid it.

Kryv recognized that the carvings in the wall were in abyssal and depicted a group of six hooded figures and separately the symbol for Doom. Aneira noticed a marked lack of arcane energy in this room. In fact, she was unable to cast any magic. We went down the western hallway and reached a huge door of black onyx into which was carved the intimidating head of a scowling, disdainful minotaur.

Kar’Gesh opened it and a dusty gust of air greeted us, as if the door had not been opened in some time. The door opened into a huge room divided into two halves by a central walkway. Each side of the walkway was filled with blood. The ledge we were on was about five feet above the level of the blood. Two large, snarling minotaur statues armed with whips raised ready to strike faced each other across the central walkway on platforms on either side of the chamber. Two pedestals on opposite ends of the far side of the chamber held separately a hilt and dagger that appeared to match.

Azkelak became invisible and teleported. Kar’Gesh put on his water wings and stepped into the blood, which he found was around six feet deep and caused damage, ongoing poison damage and a penalty to defense against demonic attacks. A demon (Demon alpha) emerged from the blood and lustily pursued Kar’Gesh with a ravenous look on its face. The closer minotaur statue cracked its whip and damaged Arammolis, Kar’Gesh and Demon alpha. Lumien used his lancet of faith on Minotaur statue zulu. Arammolis became a furry of fangs and claws and ravaged Minotaur statue zulu with a fiery passion, causing the statue to crack. Kryv rode Malas into the blood pool and unleashed his swirly scimitar of death which split the statue in half, causing it to split in half, one half falling into the blood towards the central pathway and the other half falling back against the wall.

It's never Lupus

Azkelak took off his mask and disbelieved that Arammolis’s bastard sword was ‘the blade’… “I always thought it was smaller” which is what she said. Azkelak joined our party and we entered the hall with eyes wide closed. Lumien went straight for the first and last time. Lumien opened his eyes and stared at his feet. They were beautiful. He avoided being entranced by their spectacle. He stopped going straight. Darth Maul moved along the right wall. We continued in this fashion until Kar’Gesh ran into another curtain. He passed through it and nearly tripped over the corpse of Katal. There was a brass altar with a minotaur hand imprint and a bust was present but seemed somehow denuded. Kar’Gesh rooted around and found a section of loose stones. Kryv inspected the body of Katal and did a differential diagnosis. It wasn’t lupus. Also amongst the causes excepted are: exsanguination, sarcoidosis, and a broken heart. He was poisoned! IT WAS A MURDER!

Kar’Gesh found a tunnel and descended it through areas with stone walls and progressing through dirt before coming out into a dead end that again had stone walls. His initial search for secrets turned up empty and he leaned against a wall in frustration. His lean pushed back some stones and a slice of bronze frame was revealed behind them. Kar’Gesh attempted to open the wall. The loose stones within the bronze door frame gave way and the door was full of stars. Kar’Gesh attempted to do a Kool Aid man through the remains of the door, yelling “Oh Ye-thunk-PiiiiIIIIIISSSS!” as he rebounded from the wall. The rest of party reached the end of the tunnel. The stars were twinkling, some white and some green. Lumien trashed the rest of the makeshift door with his flail. Behind the door you see a platform leading to a 35 foot wide chasm. On the other side of the chasm is a wall extending at least 230 feet tall and 135 feet down. The wall is made of lightanium. The top of the wall is ringed in an intense light that should be illuminating us as in full daylight but it is barely reaching us. The phenomenon is alien to us. We found some handholds on our side of the wall leading downward. Kryv tied two ropes to himself and handed the rope to Kar’Gesh who began descending the wall, following the handholds. He felt the sensation of a metal implement brushing past his leg. Aneira prestidigitized Malas into cleanliness and then changed his fur to a bright orange hue. Malas grunted his excitement. The wall in front of Kar’Gesh disappeared and he found a chesty treasure trove guarded by three traps. He disabled and removed the traps handily like a pedophile with a training bra.

We ferried several bars up to the rest of the party. Kar’Gesh also found a flail of supreme serenity AKA a level 9 lullaby morningstar. As he removed the last bar, a weighted trap under the chest sprung and the entire chamber began the rumble. Kar’Gesh flew back up to the platform as the rest of the party backed away (except Lumien who skipped along the precipice whispering to his new flail.) The bars twinkle like the wall with both white and gold glittery bits. Aneira felt the surge of arcane energy and attempted to stuff Malas into the tunnel.

Stop hitting yourself

The gnoll, whose appetite was stimulated by his nettle salad, unleashed a snack attack directly on Kar’Gesh. It flung him against the wall and knocked him down, but he got up again. Suddenly, Kar’Gesh disappeared and was replaced by a whirling cyclone of fists that punched the gnolls head off of its body.

The disembodied head of the gnoll flew through the air towards Kryv, who ducked. Lumien saw the flying head approach him. Time slowed down as his face began to contort in terror and the beginnings of an effeminate scream. The head bounced off of him, splattering blood over his clothing. Time resumed its normal pace and his terrified scream began to echo throughout the chamber. Malas joined in on the howling before Kryv put an end to this nonsense by yelling at Malas and slapping Lumien.

The room we were in had stone walls that showed signs of being clawed at by creatures attempting to escape. Lumien spied a shiny piece of what appeared to be glass protruding from the edge of the ceiling. Him and Kryv formed a two man ladder team and Lumien looked into the glass and saw darkness. Peering into the darkness, he was teleported back to where he entered the room and this caused him great pain.

The party considered its predicament and discussed different coping strategies including push-ups, sparring, and cannibalism (both auto and regular). Arammolis flew up to the glass and peered through, suffering the same fate as Lumien. Aneira walked into a wall. So far, we were being slowly killed by an empty room.

Arammolis began meditating. Kryv and Malas curled up and began sleeping. Lumien had a good idea to ask the tome for advice, but offended it and the book refused to comply and began sulking. Aneira tried her hand on wooing the tome and it revealed to her in blood a map of the room we’re in and the text ‘NO EXIT’, overlayed with an outline of a hand. Arammolis fed a bone pendant to the glass, which it accepted with a wispy black tendril that snatched it out of his hands. After this, the image displayed by the book showed the pendant as well. Kar’Gesh fed it a gold coin. We tried to feed it a bastard sword, some garnets and some gauntlets and the gnoll head but it wasn’t hungry.

Aneira recalled that this type of magic is referred to as a trapping mirror and commonly used in dark cults. It is used to teleport people into rooms such as this and can only be manipulated from an external source.

Lumien pretended to go to sleep near Kryv and Malas but really was whispering in an attempt to collude with Paldimar. Kryv dreamed of a black curtain that was rippling in the breeze. A masked figure walked through the curtain. The vision of the figure became clearer and a tail became evident, but then it didn’t have a tail after all but did have features compatible with an awesome dragonborn.

Lumien began dreaming as well and his dream had a similar beginning, though his figure was glowing and beautiful.

Meanwhile, Arammolis called out for some help from any nearby small animals and Aneira used mage hand to send the head of the gnoll up to the glass and began slamming its forehead against it. Kar’Gesh grappled one of the tendrils from the glass and attempted to pull it out. Lumien was rudely woken up by these shenanigans, leaving him to forever wonder who the beautiful figure in his dreams was. Aneira froze it in place and Lumien’s lance of faith shattered it. Kar’Gesh began digging into the wall. Arammolis started doing push-ups again. Aneira and Lumien consulted the tome, which displayed a running, masked figure with a dagger sticking out of its back near an altar and surrounded by the bounty that we had earlier fed the glass. Arammolis whispered sweet nothings to the pulverized mirror, which became aroused. Kar’Gesh burrowed through the block and uncovered dirt, which he began madly digging through. Arammolis reconstituted the glass and placed it in its original position, but the magic was gone.

After asking the tome if Kryv needed to kill his masked self in order to release us from our bondage, it replied ‘IT IS DONE’. The same answer was given when asking if Paldimar can help us.

Kryv became lucid in his dream and was facing the masked version of himself who appeared enraged even though he was wearing a wooden mask covering his entire face. Evil Kryv stabbed Neutral Kryv. Neutral Kryv, overjoyed to finally face a worthy opponent, began fighting back. Their attacks mirrored each other. After a furious battle, Neutral Kryv dealt a killing blow to Evil Kryv. The mask fell from Evil Kryv’s face, who then transformed into Paldimar and spoke in a raspy voice ‘Your prize…’ before expiring. We were transported back to the entrance of the curtained room. The sounds of running footsteps came from the other side of the curtain, which parted and showed a masked Tiefling who stated in a surprised tome ‘Oh, it’s you guys, what the hell???!’

Mirror Mirror in the Hall

Lumien discovered Google Goggles. He prayed to the book, which levitated in front of him and opened to the first page. It began with a set of tasteful acknowledgments. As Lumien began to read the book his eyes began tingling. The pages were stuck together… instead of trying to turn the pages manually, which proved fruitless, he asked the tome to reveal the location of the mask. The book flipped to a page and showed the word ‘Mirrors…’ along with an image of curtains and in red text at the bottom was inscribed ‘Seek the hall of enforced introspection… the face of Baphomet lies within.’

The Scourge told us to head towards the inner sanctum, take a right and then another right. To get to the inner sanctum, head southwest from here along the halls. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘signs of activity’ and you’ll know you’re on the right track. While she didn’t appear to be lying to us it appears that she may not know what she’s talking about. Arammolis divined the cardinal directions. Aneira attempted to move the floating book with mage hand but it resisted. She waltzed over to it and the book met her gaze. She asked the book to reveal the location of the blade. Instead of being helpful, the book conjured an all-encompassing vision of a deep crimson fluid resembling blood. From the blood emerged the silhouette of the horns of a demon. Above the horns was a platform on which rested the hilt (but not blade) of a sword. The vision faded revealing the book which showed the text “The blood-horned blade lies broken in the hall of the crimson whip”.

Lumien intimidated the book into showing us how to bring back the sun. It showed him an empty page. Aneira asked for a 3D walkthrough map, which it obliged us. Aneira asked for her penis knife to be returned.

In response the book showed us an area populated with multiple pillars of tangled corpses reaching towards the sky. On an altar at the end of this chamber rests the bell. Lumien asks the book what would happen if he rang this bell, he felt a familiar sensation of rage that reminded him of using the slaying stone. The vision faded, showing an illustration of the bell and the text “Howling Pillars”.

All of a sudden, the green glow returns and we asked The Scourge to tell us what is its source. She indicated that we must be silent until it dissipate. Lumien responded by slapping her and babbling. She was overcome with terror. Kar’Gesh was wracked by a painful and horrifying vision of a black dragon. While the dragon was obviously possessed of great power, it was overcome in agony. It appeared to be stuck between two realms, and was surrounded by the familiar green glow.

The Scourge doesn’t know the source of the glow but has seen its wrath impact others as it has Kar’Gesh. She also doesn’t know where Paldimar is nor has she seen him recently, but she does know of a well that’s filled with blood.

We locked The Scourge in her room and went on our way, assured that she would not stand in the way of our goals. We backtracked through the dungeon towards the mask, with Lumien tied up to Malas. We came across a grisly cocktail of warm blood from orcs, humans, elves and other creatures. The trail led from one set of double doors across the hall and into another set of double doors. As we watched, we were overcome with cold and saw three spectral figures who waved at us:

One, a Male human with a thick black bear, clad in chain mail
Dwarf, wearing the symbol of Pelor and clad in plate armor
Elf, wearing green robes and holding a staff

They didn’t appear to harbor ill will towards us. All of them had gruesome injuries. Valdrog (the human) introduced himself as a cleric of Kord. Sir Terris (the dwarf) introduced himself with a Southern twang. Mendara the Mystic (the elf) introduced herself in style of Blanche Devereaux.

We asked Valdrog how they came to be in Thunderspire. He required a feat of strength, so Kryv introduced him to The Great Bear of the North (Arammolis). Kryv picked him up with one hand and threw him into the air where he did a sweet somersault.

Valdrog told us that they were lured by the promise of the great treasures of the well of demons. They attained all of the items, and opened the door to the inner sanctum. They placed them in one of four runes near the door of the inner sanctum.

- The items must be placed at exactly the same time.
- A great green dragon will appear once you enter the inner sanctum as your final test.
- Watch out for a couple traps.

Valdrog and Kar’Gesh played a game of chance, the bounty being the secret location of a treasure that was hidden below the altar in the chamber to the south. The spectral figures dissipated. Kar’Gesh pried open the wall and found a tiny altar with one gold coin under it.

We headed to one of the doors indicated on the map and spied a room with floor to ceiling jet black curtains, hanging from hooks. Upon peeking through the curtains a framed mirror showing only darkness, Kar’Gesh disappeared and was transported into a chamber with a gnoll who rejoiced at being fed. The Gnoll was in for a surprise however, as he was served only a salad of stinging nettles in the face. Arammolis, Malas, Kryv, Aneira and Lumien all joined in the fray, one by one stepping through the curtain.

No one puts The Scourge in a corner (except us)

Arammolis, in snake form, coiled up and struck with the terrifying specter of a serpent letting loose the primal roar of an enraged bear. This left The Scourge and the demon both dazed though largely unscathed. Lumien shrugged off the feeble attempts to invade his psyche with a round of mirthful and dismissive cackling.

Kar’Gesh whirled around like an idiot, his sinewy limbs flailing listlessly. On a positive note, his own ineptitude shocked him out of his reverie.

Arammolis became a flurry of flaws furiously flailing, leaving him a flustered, frustrated failure. Two guys flanked Lumien and whipped out their daggers while a third guy tried a mind fuck. Lumien was impaled by the red guy and his mind was flayed mercilessly. Kar’Gesh slashed at one of the hooded figures, causing it to transform into a terrifying creature, causing Aneira, Kar’Gesh and Lumien to be subjected to unspeakable horrors.

Kar’Gesh became a spinning spiral of death, causing the demon and the scourge to both become overwhelmed with rage before he concluded his attack with his legs spun together like a corkscrew. Malas gored one of the bitches causing him to be trippin’ and peering up Lumien’s skirt.

A bunch of mind ripping was going on and everyone was dazed and rubbing things out. Kar’Gesh’s cartwheeling corkscrew of carnage causing constant calamity, which resulted in the demon being sucked through another rift. Lumien closed his eyes successfully. Aneira conjured a Domokun, bringing much spiritual relief to the party.

The tag team of Lumien and Kar’Gesh slew the other crimson robed figures. Malas ran wild while the rest of the party huddled around the Domokun figure, Lumien taking the opportunity to kick Domo in the face, knocking him prone.

Kar’Gesh knocked unconscious The Scourge and we restrained and gagged her in preparation for bringing out the gimp. Arammolis killed a land turtle and then inspected The Scourge’s person and reached furtively probed her pouch, retrieving a healing potion, 15 gold pieces and some arrows.

We spied a trap door in the altar. The Scourge awoke and began wriggling and groaning like a fish. We ungagged The Scourge and she lasted about 30 seconds before Lumien smacked her back into unconsciousness. Upon reawakening she told us to pray ‘Ob flob frikken bikken klatu niktu’ while opening the trap door. Lumien did so, revealing fun size snickers bars that actually turned out to be a book entitled ‘Wrath Unveiled’.

Consult the tome to find the locations of the bell, blade and mask. We have passed the first test, apparently being given by Yeenoghu.

Let's sacrifice Lumien

Kryv shared our tales of adventure to this point and asked the Tieflings of their observations regarding the folding of the plains.

“We haven’t seen much effect from the folding of the plains here in Thunderspire, but the effects in the Ninter Vale have caused people in the Vale to abandon their posts, allowing us to gain much treasure”

They themselves had come from the Horned Hold, and headed here after hearing talk of a great treasure here. They had been awaiting word from The Scourge for some time but had put them under strict orders not to disturb her.

The Scourge is a her, and she’s a 12/10 from behind. The door to her chamber opened and a moderately grassy and exquisitely hideous gnoll emerged. She was wearing a hooded robe and carrying a book and staff. Taken aback by our presence, she whispers something into her robe and demands who we are and what has become of the tieflings. After learning that we are not initiated disciples of Yeenoghu, she made ready to attack until Arammolis bluffed her into believing that we were down with her deity.

She granted Azkelak (but not Katal) access to the secret and whispered in her ear. Katal looked on sternly as she demanded that the Tieflings leave her sight, which they did.

We learned that a great and terrible war took place 600 years ago in the name of Yeenoghu. The war was promulgated to cause enough sacrifices to bring never ending darkness to Ninter Vale, but the battle was stopped by ones called the light bringers.

We learned that the guardian controls whether the inner sanctum opens and that it may be the only thing keeping the plains from folding.

We contemplated sacrificing Lumien for about 20 minutes before deciding not to. We parleyed with The Scourge about what kind of sacrifice would be required and learned that the subject must have its own free will and not wish to be sacrificed.

Kryv made an impassioned speech aided by Aneira’s theatrics, demanding her acquiescence to our quest. She stepped back and responded calmly that we should carefully consider our next move. We implored her to join us in our quest and she commented that our missions were orthogonal. We asked her to take us to the temple for the sacrifice. She led us into the chamber while Kar’Gesh rifled through her room.

The chamber was about 20 feet wide, made of Onyx. Ahead of us, carved out of the rock which made up the back wall was a huge minotaur reaching its front arms over an altar.

Meanwhile, in The Scourge’s chambers, Kar’Gesh noticed that a skeletal figure began to materialize in the the corner. He unlocked the chest. In it was: a pair of shadowfell gloves; a gold necklace inlaid with ruby and diamonds (400 gold); a jade bracelet (100 gold); and 62 gold pieces (62 gold). He turned around to find in the corner a grey-skinned bald humanoid clad in crimson robes.

Back in the chamber, a flood of arcane energy flooded the chamber from behind us and Malas began to snort. The Scourge beckoned us towards the altar and asked us whom we were going to sacrifice. Kryv called to him but he did not heel. Sadly for the scourge, she was the intended sacrifice, and Arammolis attempted to throw her onto the altar. He failed and was flailed prone onto the altar. He then again failed and turned into a snake to hide his shame.

A rift appears over the altar and slashes at Arammolis, clawing him but failing to hit Kryv. Kar’Gesh, Kryv and Aneira were losing their mind. Kryv recovered to only be dazed.


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