The Drums of Trudabaad

I wanna dip my Kobold in it

The combat continued furiously. Our enemies fell in myriad disgusting ways: eaten to a bare skeleton by locusts, evisceration by Kryv’s glowing scimitar, exploding in the style of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man (though we were showered in poisonous blood as his dirge.)

[300XP each for this encounter]

Aneira felt a change in the air of the magic-non-grata room. She saw a ghostly silhouette of a book floating above the blood circle. The manifestation of the book was an echo of a completed ritual. The silhouette appeared to be the double of our tome. We now had all four of the items we need: The book of wrath unveiled, the mask representing the face of Baphomet, the bell of fury’s calling and the blood horned blade.

We again followed Lumien’s insane compulsion to enter the chamber of glowing balls. There was a mixture of many different pools of blood, the most recent of which was 24-36 hours old. Arammolis became our eye in the sky. The party ran through the channel to the nearest hallway. While Kryv was in the groove a loud noise echoed throughout the hallway but it didn’t mean anything.

We opened a door into a room filled with pools glowing with red, yellow, blue and green liquid.

Kryv inspected the red pool which had a faint scent of metal and sweat. It was not blood. Arammolis inspected the blue pool which was not water, though it was similar. The yellow pool reminded Lumien of gold in smell and appearance. The green pool smelled of chlorophyl. There was also a ritual circle of blood in this room. The pattern of blood around this circle seemed to indicate a tempo that could form a melody.

Kar’Gesh tried each pool and found out the following information:
Green pool: resist five poison for one hour.
Blue pool: tastes like water.
Yellow pool: tastes strong like alcohol but goes down well.
Red pool: after drinking it he is nearly overcome with rage and feels stronger though reckless.

We came across a torture chamber full of skeletons ranging in age from very old and disintegrating to not-very-recent. We found some copper and another ritual circle. This circle was especially bloody as if it had been used as a sacrificial scene. The double doors near this ritual circle were nearly 20 feet tall and stylized as a large minotaur protector.

Kar’Gesh found the last ritual circle, nearby which there was an altar with two placeholders behind. They were bronze idols to Baphomet, each representing the visage of the comedy and tragedy.



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