The Drums of Trudabaad

notes-rough draft

lumien had a one on one with the ordinator. sammuel tried to join on the face time in but the ordinator shooed him away.

the ordinator is racist against halflings.

sammuel rejoned the party, he looked bummed so kryv tried to cheer him up by offering to let sammuel practice magic missle on his body. sammuel declined the offer.

luian talked to the ordinator about the hatch, they were disscussing a missing painting, lumien told him arromolis had seen the painting.

it is possible that the lords of the 6 logo and the wizards guild logo are the same?

the ordinator tried to activate the chamber and declared “we need more wizards!”

he said the chamer was of signifigant power in the arena of space & time travel

lumien talked to the ordinator about our suspected invisible shadow, the ordinator didnt get it. lumien didnt think he was much of a catch but the ordinator thought he was being too hard on himself.

lumien and the ordinator talked about lumiens mysterious past……… the genocide of his people!! it was theorised that the invisibal stalker was after lumien and wanted to get him alone, the ordinator offered to leave him by himself to see if it would draw out the invisible dude. lumien layed down on the ordinators couch and received a free hour of psychiatric evaluation. lumien thanked him for his counsel.

the party began walking to thunderspire.

kryv talked to the durgar guide about mining.

the party happened upon an androginous corpse on the side of the road.

arramouls examined the corpse and determined that the cause of death was that the body was crushed.

anera hears a faint screech and a flapping of wings.

sammuel was impressed witht he body and got off on the necrotic elements.

sammuel wanted to perform science experiments on the corpse.

and lumien re-joined the party.

sammuel cused the necrodic properties of the body to make a death flask.

lumien didnt like the death flask and scoled sammuel.

lumian saw something written in the dirt, it was a v for vecna, or maybe a triangle or something. lumien didnt need arramolis to tell him it wasnt a footprint, he knew that already…

arommolis thoughtit was the letter A that could have been unfinished, or perhaps syalised street slang.

kriv thought it could be an arrow or a caveman symbol for a tent or campsite.

the party determined it was hastily drawn.

lumien continused his foresnic work but breaked to take a wazz.

while he was taking a leak aneria continued picing together the puzzel with her insights into the placement of the androginy body and the drawn symbol

the party decided to fan out and search the area.

lumien heard some heavy breathing but saw nothing.

he thought it sounded like a zombie breathing. arromalis worndered if zombies needed to breathe .

the party heard a wailing in the distance.

arramlis put beeswax in his ears in preperation of banshees.

kryv put the halfling on his back and told him to get his msagic missle ready.

the party walked down the road and came accross a hunched humanoid in the road.

it was revealed that the crouching figure ws a halfling. it was also revealed that kryv was a racist when he asked sammuel if he knew that halfling and implied that all halflings know each other.

arammolis tried to talk to the halfling who seemed to be shifting in and out of exsitance as he walked.

arammolis chose to disbelieve. but the shit was really real.

kryv waxed phylisophical about a rift of planes coliding. historically this has ahppened before.

as the halfling zombie approached, he flickered out of exsitance, but lumian could still smell him.

the party continued onward.

kryv and lumien noticed a symbol of the road. it looked like an E or W or M. anera recognised the sybol s the crest of the univerity of meloria (the necrotic place), sammuels alma mater.

turns out it was a M for meloria.

arammolis crossed out the symbol and put an A for arammolis

the party continued onward for a while and decided to make camp

anera cast a ritual to force a small creature to keep watch on the camp

lumien berated the durgar for being lazy.

kryv intimidated the durgar into helping set up camp.

arammolis foraged for ritual componenets and peformed a ritual drawing magic from the warp & weft of the universe into his spiritul totem.

lumian tryed to goad aramolis with his rabbit stew but arammolis took the high road and offered to show lumian how the earth can care for him when preying on fellow creatures fail him.

the party continued on to thunderspire.

they found som emore symbols drawn in the dirt. it looked like U N R

kryv thought it ment RUN. nobody mocked his learning disablity.

samuel thought it said LINR or EINR

the drugar began to crack under the pressure and started brandishing his warhammer and yelling “come on” into the woods.

anera cast a detect undead ritual with illuminated some perticulrly decrepid zombies. they were grumpy about the non zombies in their midst. the zombies are racist against the living.

the zombies were coming right at us

lumien and anera broke out in song about zombies

green light illuminated the area
zombies are scarrin ya
causing mass histeria
those corpses will burry ya
(that wasnt the song)

the zombies are writhed by a green aura making them visible to the party members.

the encounter was about to begin.

arammolis didnt even have to use his thorn spray, today was a good day.

or WAS IT?



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