The Drums of Trudabaad

Prepare to die

Azkelak re-appeared in the blood! He jumped into the blood and crossed the central walkway. Kar’Gesh kobold-paddled to the central walkway. Demon Alpha pursued his chosen kobold mcnugget and struck him with its terrible claws. Lumien refused to get his tailored armor bloody.

Demon Beta appeared next to Azkelak and claws him rudely. Luckily, Minotaur Statue Yankee (MSY) smacked Demon Beta and it careened into the blood. Arammolis turned into an ornithopter and flew towards the hilt.

Demon Charlie appeared right next to Azkelak and gnawed off some of his neck. Malas and Kryv snorkled through the blood onto the central walkway. In response to Demon Charlie’s snack attack, Azkelak attempted to retrieve his neck from the belly of Demon Charlie with his short sword but failed.

Kar’Gesh nettled Demon Alpha directly in the face. Arammolis got swatted out of the air like a little fly by MSY. Lumien gracefully leapt through the air, firing an errant crossbow bolt sideways before landing on the platform of the erstwhile Minotaur Statue Zulu. Demon Beta ruthlessly killed Azkelak. Arammolis turned back into a human and flailed helplessly attempting to climb the five feet at the platform

Malas charged into the far pool of blood and gored Demon Charlie. Aneira turned Demon Alpha and Beta into meat popsicles and Lumien turned Minotaur Statue Yankee flaming. It responded by hitting everyone, knocking Kryv into the blood and generally turning everything into a bloodbath. Kryv was pretty pissed so he did his best Krull impression on MSY and it exploded into a thousand pieces! Malas fled but was knocked unconscious by Demon Beta, luckily he had made it onto the platform so as to avoid a sure death in Davy Jones’ Blood Locker. Lumien continued to not get his cloak bloody but did succeed in annoying Demon Alpha

Arammolis picked up the hilt of the blade, forgetting the Indiana Jones trick of replacing it with a similarly weighted object, receiving a puff of poison-scented perfume in his grill. Luckily it was his favorite scent and did not result in any damage.

Kar’Gesh also forgot the Indiana Jones trick and the entire chamber was electrified and a huge tidal wave of blood covered the entire party. Arammolis and Kar’Gesh were both tossed into the blood. Lumien was horrified at the state of his clothing. Engulfed in the indignation of being covered in blood, he leaped onto the central platform and healed Arammolis who responded by flying straight up out of the blood and flapping blood droplets all over the chamber.

We set up our own private Alamo on the central walkway, killing Demon Alpha before Demon Beta knocked Kar’Gesh unconscious.



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