The Drums of Trudabaad

Step away from the light

Lumien walked into the light and was thereby nearly blinded. A huge orb of luminescence was rolling down the hallway directly in front of Lumien, moving around 10 feet per second. Kryv grabbed Lumien and berated him thoroughly for his dereliction of duty in the face of danger. Lumien continuously whined like a little bitch and his fiery heart was not soothed with Kryv’s cool island song.

[300 XP each awarded for result of blood room encounter]

Lumien finally acquiesced to Aneira’s soothing mind meld and Lumien became limp, collapsing into Kryv’s welcoming armpit. Arammolis began to meditate. Aneira fired up her easy bake oven and began making potions. The remainder of the party collapsed in a heap. We amazingly completed our rest without incident.

We re-opened the blood chamber. It was full of assholes, even the ones we had previously killed. The blood pool was still tumultuous. Kar’Gesh whittled the sentinel statue down to a pile of dust. The demons descended upon us while Arammolis fished for and hooked a wild ghost of Azkelak and began reeling him in. Aneira valiantly rushed into battle, even provoking an opportunity attack in the process. Heartened by her own courage, she then brought forth the immolating flames of hell upon a huge swath of our enemies. Kar’Gesh turned into a blender of righteousness, slicing and punching with no regard for himself. Azkelak exploded in a shower of blood and the mask fell to the ground. This began a crimson shower of blood spouting everywhere leaving each party member splattered.

Kryv retrieved the mask. The party had a great run of thrashing their enemies leaving them all bloodied.



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