The Drums of Trudabaad

The Introduction of the Ordinator

Arammolis put on the Amulet from Fallhaven and attempted to put his hand through the interior wall. He felt the invisible surface of the painting repel his hand. Arammolis asked who gave him the amulet.

The kobold said that he didn’t know who it was, but it was a male who offered his congratulations to the party for clearing the town of goblins. Lumien cursed the kobold under his breath. The kobold revised his story that the person could have been a female, and that he hadn’t actually spoken to them at all, instead the amulet had been given to his best friend, Drakaaatfh.

Kryv picked up a clump of moss and attempted to toss it into the center. The reaction was as if the wall was still there. Arammolis attempted to summon his giant toad into the center and was repelled as if the wall was still there.

Samuel pondered. Kryv and Arammolis mentioned that we saw a symbol in Nemo’s tower which we were able to manipulate by reaching through the barrier when everyone stood on adjacent sides of the room. We told the story to Samuel who was taken aback and said that we needed to ask Nemozaran about this. Once we reported that he was dead Samuel was disappointed and shared that Barrelus and/or the Mages of Saruun would be our only resource for information about the room. Aneira, who was standing below the hatch, reported that there was rain above.

Arammolis summed up our situation thusly: problem: The sun has disappeared; solution: kill the necromancer in Hontuma.

Lightning began flashing in the sky. Lumien attempted to throw a rope to get out and failed miserably.

Arammolis exited the hatch and saw a torch moving, off in the distance. Kryv joined him. The rest of the part followed, Lumien carrying the kobold on his back while Samuel used the recoil from casting magic missile to project himself out of the hatch. We ran Northwest towards the torch. As we approached the torch it began to rise, lifting to about 30 feet above the ground before stopping again. The giant toad was break dancing. We continued to head towards the torch. An arrow whizzed past Arammolis’s head.

“Who goes there?”, a deep voice bellowed.

“Who wants to know?” Arammolis responded.

“Irrelevant. Who are you?”

“Who wants to know?” Arammolis again responded.

“Answer to me. Get them now!” the voice spoke.

We rolled initiative at this point. We surveyed the battlefield before us, which was strewn here and there with stumps and heaps of rubble.

The torch dropped slightly in the sky and we heard a growling noise. Suddenly, two additional torches appeared as if from thin air to the sides of the base of where the floating torch was. The growl was echoed from the points where the new torch lights had just appeared. The two side torches floated up to 15 feet in the air. Lumien and Arammolis noticed that a Duergar appeared which was wrapped in a shawl/scarf to hide his glowing hair, who let loose an arrow which splintered before hitting Arammolis in his arm, which caused this appendage to feel limp and impotent with a throbbing pain that persisted.

Arammolis summoned his toad, advising the enemies to “Eat toad and die!” before turning into a bear. Kryv charged the closest Duergar, calling out “Rock pile, light me up!” while passing Aneira en route. He then ran up to the Duergar which had shot Arammolis, challenging him to face Kryv alone. Lumien joined the fray, torching the archer Duergar. Arammolis, heartened by the torching, felt his arm-related malady dissipate. Aneira obliged Kryv by creating a bright area of light above Kryv. She then conjured icy bolts, impaling one of the Duergar and freezing him in place. The afflicted Duergar retaliated, placing an arrow into the rock pile, which poisoned her. Samuel, braced himself before letting loose with dark murmurs a black mist which shot forth at the first Duergar, enveloping and seeping into the target.

The voice, which seemed to emanate from all three points in space that showed the torches, announced “You fools, come back!” In the area between us and the floating torches, the ground began to shake and rise. It rose into a mound between us and the area with the torches, raising at an angle up to 10 feet. The two side torches migrated to buildings in opposite directions. Then, the voice again boomed (seeming to originate from all three torch locations at once) demanding “Guard, return to me.”

Duergar #1 swung his newly-wielded warhammer at Kryv with a blank expression, missing him.

Arammolis ran and teleported over/through the mound to near the base of the original torch area. Looking up, he saw perched on a column of earth a medium, very finely clad, humanoid figure wearing a golden mask which featured a slit for one eye and a root system for the other eye. Arammolis unleashed his thorn whip on the figure, lashing him and pulling him off the column. During the fall, the figure made a ghastly noise before plummeting to the ground and became insubstantial and fully dissipated prior to hitting the ground. The toad slurped the #1 Duergar with his tongue, who became bloodied and called out “My ordinator, I will not fail you!”

Kryv attempted to strike Duergar with his scimitar with aim true but failed to pierce his armor. Lumien seared the #1 Duergar with holy light. Aneira covered #1 Duergar with spectral assailant butterflies, who abducted him and carried him off before letting him crash to the ground, falling dead with a look of absolute terror frozen on his face.

Duergar #1 slammed his warhammer into Arammolis head, pummeling him thoroughly.

Samuel approached one of the torch-bearing creatures, and almost lost his courage, before being inspired by Arammolis’s success and casting magic missile at creature #1. He missed and in the distance a kobold could be heard shouting in distress “Woah! What the hell was that!” After missing, the voice said “Halfling, you are not what you seem… go back from whence you came.” upon which time Samuel was sunk down 15 feet into the ground inside newly voided column in the earth.

The mound near Arammolis and Duergar #2 expanded to envelop them both. The toad hopped into action, missing creature #1. Arammolis crawled out of the hole that had formed around him, suffering minor damage from Duergar #2 before roaring ferociously at creature #3, damaging it and causing it to become dazed. Kryv sprinted to Arammolis and provided him aid by divinely touching him, bringing forth for others the surreal vision of a Dragonborne caressing a bear. Lumien lanced with light Duergar #2. Aneira called up a phantasmal assassin on Creature #1, who reacted by levitating to the side and attempting to block the assailant but failed before disappearing in a vapor as the attacker slit its throat.

Duergar #2 swung his warhammer with great vengeance and furious anger at Lumien, causing him moderate injury, before attempting to flee.

Samuel flipped out in the pit and managed to dislodge a rock in his struggled, catching a rock in the face.

Creature #3 stated “You have no idea of the power you have interrupted here. There will be repercussions, believe me” Arammolis asked “Do you have anything to do with the sun being gone? Are you enjoying the eternal darkness?” “The ordinator awaits.” before Creature #3 disappeared down through the ceiling of the building. Arammolis leapt through the window of the building and attacked Creature #3, failing miserably. Kryv followed Arammolis into the building and spewed lightning from his mouth, failing to strike creature #3.

Duergar #2 was lanced with light by Lumien. Aneira caused butterflies to accost Duergar #2, who retaliated against her but missed horribly.

The building housing Kryv, Arammolis and Creature #3 had its door burst open, showing another Duergar who stated “Ordinator, we must go.”

Samuel again tried to escape his earthen prison, failing again but not managing to harm himself.



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