The Drums of Trudabaad

The Tale of the Hexagonal Room

The party completed their extended rest without incident and began breaking camp. Packing completed, Lumien migrated to the temple of Pelor. While he was quitting the camp Aneira’s imp taunted Lumien by signing raven wings at him. Lumien didn’t notice. He then prayed to Pelor with the goal that his deity would accept him and that his abnegation of Correlon could be completed. This religious state of limbo was causing Lumien much distress, disabling him from using all of his divine powers. His lugubrious state was evident based on his physiognomy.

Kryv practiced his scimitar-craft. Arommolis started off his day right with a sampling of some of his Dryad weed. Lumien returned to camp then returned to the temple of Pelor to look for something to use as a prayer implement. He observed that the temple was mostly overtaken with rubbish of various sorts. However, he did espy the skeletal remains of a human which was wearing an amulet of Pelor. He then created a divine glow over the humanoid remains in an attempt to assist the soul of the being with its safe journey to its final destination. While casting this he submitted a prayer and asked for a sign that he could take the amulet. The entire temple lit up as his divine glow took form. The skeletal figure, which had previously seemed to hold the amulet in its disembodied hand, flung the amulet away from the body. Simultaneously, a spectral voice said pedantically, “He’s dead!”. Lumien stooped down to pick up the amulet and in the process of so doing he heard a whisper in his head “not him.” He proceeded to pick up the amulet, which emitted a warmth, while asking openly in his head “Who’s dead?” Lumien heard nothing in reply, but Arommolis, given his chemically adulterated communion with the supernatural plains, heard a footstep 20-30 feet behind him. He casually looked over his shoulder and muttered “Dude… did you hear that?” The rest of the party paid no heed to the drug-addled rascal.

In the meantime, Samuel loitered around the campsite, looking down into the aperture into the underground.

Aneira, her interest piqued at the power emitted from Lumien’s spell, was observing Lumien. Lumien returned to camp, dispensing an off-hand insult to Aneira along the way.

Samuel offered to teach Lumien MAGIC MISSILE. Lumien demured. Samuel countered with a cartwheel, landing on his face and damaging himself slightly, before deciding to hop down into the hatch and somehow not damaging himself while discharging this feat.

Lumien and Kryv began a Draconic tiger-team study session.

Arommolis heard a sound of something being dragged across the earth about 15 feet behind him. He again looked over his shoulder and nonchalantly said “Whoa… what’s going on?” in Elven before returning to his revery. Lumien, hearing his Elven muttering, “What vexes you?”

“I keep hearing things from behind me… I don’t know what’s going on… can you check it out? What’s up?”

Lumien looked in the area behind the cart in which Arommolis is stationed and noted that the earth was upset in a strangely patterned fashion. Kryv, noticing the upset, joined Lumien in observation. They both walked over to the piece of ground, showing a large S-shaped symbol. Kryv couldn’t recall from any historical memories any source for this pattern. Lumien, pondering on the possible natural phenomenom that could cause this, noted that the pattern was to exact to be caused by any such process. Aneira joined in the investigation and detected that there was an arcane aura to the pattern, though it didn’t seem to be created via arcane methods. Arommolis wondered “Where did everyone go??” while he continued to lie in the cart.

Samuel called out from the hatch “Guys! I think I figured something out!” and was heard by no one, answering the question “If a halfling shouts from a hole in the ground when no one is around, is he worth listening to?”

Aneira detected that the pattern resembled an incomplete figure-eight symbol which is used as a part of the casting of a ritual. Kryv, asking “What sorcery is this?” walked into the center of the pattern and stomped around. Lumien scouted the area for other patterns or other things of note, seeing nothing but some random Kobolds.

Kryv asked Arommolis if he could transmute himself into some type of ornothological being and scout out the atmosphere above us to see if the darkness was uniform vertically or only a lower atmospheric effect. Arommolis transformed into a beautiful bird and flopped around in the circles on the ground. He returned to his natural form convinced that he had flew majestically about the ground and had seen no difference in the darkness in the atmosphere.
Lumien noted that Samual had disappeared and asked Kryv and Aneira if they saw where he went. Aneira went looking for him and heard him calling to say “Hey! Where did y’all go! I think I figured something out!”

Lumien, finding out that ‘his’ halfling was in peril, dejectedly hopped down into the chamber with Samuel and with poor grace implored him to explain himself. Samuel excitedly led Lumien around the paintings, pointing out that some of the figures portrayed alternate between being outside in the light of day and inside and/or in the dark. Samuel seemed convinced that the alternation of dark and light symbols was very significant. Lumien was unimpressed. Samuel seemed to think that this indicated that the lords of the six were not responsible for the constant darkness.

Kryv walked to the hatch and asked if everything was okay, receiving a sarcastic reply from Lumien indicating that he was dazzled by Samuel’s wisdom. Lumien and Kryv decided that investigating the room was a priority and recruited everyone to join in the effort. Kryv fell very ungracefully, impaling himself on a previously unseen spire protruding from the floor and moderately damaging him physically while severely damaging his pride.
Aneira fell unceremoniously onto the ground below the hatch as a big pile of rocks, requiring her to embarassingly re-assemble herself.

Aneira heard from the hatch above “Hey! Where did you guys go?!” which Aneira recognized as the kobold that Lumien assisted. She relayed this information to the party. Lumien asked the kobold in moderately good Draconic to join us. The kobold replied “Oh, well, I brought something to help you!” and threw down a bag which landed near Aneira and Lumien. The bag was emitting a meat-related smell. Lumien and the kobold held a treatise on the best method to prepare jerky, Lumien opining that sunlight is required to make truly delicious jerky. The kobold was unconvinced. He then threw down a metal implement, stating that the item had been given to him to give to us, which turned out to be one of the amulets from Fallhaven that allowed us to pass the dragon without harm.

The kobold lept into Kryv’s arms, who nearly fumbled the kobold but he made it down successfully and reported that it was “fun”.

We then stood at the adjacent hexagonal walls. Once so situated, the interior walls disappears and the interior of the room disappeard, revealing the inner portion showing a sharp-edged spiral pattern. Kryv did not recognize the pattern as having a religious affiliation.

Samuel shot a lightning bolt towards the terrified kobold across the space, which reflected off the invisible wall and directly into his face, causing him a moderate amount of damage. Lumien then attempted to cast a spell into the interior space, which disappated against where the wall was. Arammolis and Samuel switched places. Samuel, having regained his excitement and with my ceremony, conjured a dark vapour which streamed from his hands towards the interior. The plume was reflected by the invisible barrier and disappated. Samuel was ecstatic that he was able to successfully cast a necrotic spell. Lumien switched with Aneira such that him and Samuel were opposite. Lumien cast sacred flame at the same time as Samuel cast his necrotic spell, with the same result. They both shifted by one and repeated the spells, Samuel’s exploding in his face and Lumien’s spell reflected upon him, causing himself a huge amount of damage, much to Samuel’s mirth.



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